The programme is structured with a variety of activities that provide motivation, rehabilitation, life skills, Diversional therapy, holistic exercise, socialisation and fun. Activities include Tai Chi, indoor bowls challenges, singing, line dancing, table tennis and gardening, educational card games, painting lessons and quizzes, reading, cooking, budgeting, math’s and current affairs discussions. Guest speakers provide information and entertainment. Weekly excursions are arranged for ten pin bowling, swimming at the Aquatic Centre, exhibitions and for bowls challenges. The reading / math’s lessons are particularly popular with our younger clients. These are structured around learning for life skills and enjoyment. There is a monthly Tai Chi class especially for Stroke clients. This has proved very popular.

One story that perhaps reflects the essence of the service is: one day a small dog ran through the open door of the centre and into the day area, closely chased by its owner, an old man (Dave) from the Falls Estate. Dave saw the piano, sat down and started playing the most beautiful classical music. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the uninvited guest. Dave now visits on a regular basis, plays piano for an hour. ‘Lizzie’ the dog greets all the clients, then sits down beside Dave and waits….

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